Little Acorns Formula Review

I have now read a lot of positive things about Little Acorn horse racing system and have therefore decided to run a test of Little Acorn and give my Little Acorn Review at the end of the test periode.

What is included in Little Acorns

This system reminds me a lot of Go Fibonacci just with a more tight selection process which should make it more safe than Go Fibonacci. It also goes one step further up the progression in the fibonacci staking plan, but with the selection process in mind you should only go through a full losing cycle very very seldom.

It comes in a Ebook so you just download it and then you are ready to start with the system. The selection process is very easy and it won’t take you long to find selections. If there is more than one selection on a racing day then you will need to see the result of the races so you can change your stakes according to the last result.

I look forward to seeing how it performs (I’m not doing the test myself, my new tester Hardik is doing it for me).

See the Little Acorn sales page and download Little Acorn


Test will start soon, all previous selections were removed due to selection Error.


I have agreed to test Little Acorns for Admin over the next month. I will start next Monday 11 August as I want to read through the manual and get my head around the staking plans. There are two staking plans recommended by the author and I will report results for both plans.

Best wishes, Jon


11 August – Day 1

Little Acorns is a LAYING system and selections are easily identified from Betfair and The Racing Post. You do not need to study form etc. There are basically three system rules which are identified on Betfair for any race and one final rule identified from the Racing Post racecards.

The system recommends two staking plans which are both progressive/loss recovery. Staking Plan A (SPA) is a fibonacci recovery plan where stakes are increased whenever you lose a lay bet. Your stakes will go on increasing until your next win bet when you revert to your original stake.

Staking Plan B (SPB) requires you to add the loss from a losing bet to your next stake and to continue doing so until you win when you return to your normal stake.

For the purpose of the test, I will use 100 as the normal stake and deduct 5% Betfair commission from winning bets. Today´s selections were:

Wolverhampton 14.30 Elegant Cad WON Win price 1.51 (losing bet) -51

Windsor 19.50 French Art Placed 2nd Win price 1.62 (winning bet)
SPA +190 / SPB +143.45

Profit today SPA +139 / SPB +92.45

P/L to date SPA +139 / SPB +92.45


12 August – Day 2

Two selections today which were:

Nottingham 18.25 Crackdown Unplaced 3rd Lay bet 1.69 (winning bet)
SPA +95 / SPB +95

Nottingham 18.55 Tasheba Placed 3rd Lay bet 1.60 (winning bet)
SPA +95 / SPB +95

Profit today SPA +190 / SPB +190

P/L to date SPA +329 / SPB +282.45


13 August – Day 3

Three selections today which were:

Yarmouth 15.55 Myanmar Placed 2nd Lay bet 1.69 (winning bet)
SPA +95 / SPB +95

Yarmouth 16.30 Maddy WON Lay bet 1.94 (losing bet)
SPA -94 / SPB -94

Hamilton 18.20 High Alert Placed 2nd Lay bet 2.00 (winning bet)
SPA +190.00 / SPB +184.30

Profit today SPA +191 / SPB +185.30

P/L to date SPA +520 / SPB +467.75


14 August – Day 4

Just two selections for today:

Salisbury 15.05 Poyle Dee Dee Unplaced 4th Lay bet 1.96 (winning bet)
SPA +95 / SPB +95

Sandown 16.00 Censored WON Lay bet 1.70 (losing bet)
SPA -70 / SPB -70

Profit today SPA +25 / SPB +25

P/L to date SPA +545 / SPB +492.75

(Increased stakes carried forward to first bet tomorrow)


15 August – Day 5

Just two selections today although three other possible selections came very close.

Newbury 14.20 Shyrl Unplaced 4th Lay bet 1.98 (winning bet)
SPA +190 / SPB +161.50

Dundalk 15.00 Marquesa WON Lay bet 1.63 (losing bet)
SPA -63 / SPB -63

Profit today SPA +127.00 / SPB +98.50

P/L to date SPA +672.00 / SPB +591.25

(Increased stakes carried forward to first bet tomorrow)


18 August – Day 6

A bit of a setback today with just two selections both of which failed to read the script and decided to win their races.

Wolverhampton 14.45 Crystal Moments WON Lay bet 1.89 (losing bet)
SPA -178.00 / SPB -145.07

Lingfield 16.00 War Native WONLay bet 1.56 (losing bet)
SPA -168.00 / SPB -137.24

Profit today SPA -346.00 / SPB -282.31

P/L to date SPA +326.00 / SPB +308.94

(Increased stakes carried forward to first bet tomorrow)


19 August – Day 7

Hmmm…..Little Acorns seems to have hit a losing streak. Two selections today, both of which won meaning we lost.

Southwell 18.25 Keepitsecret WON Lay bet 1.96 (losing bet)
SPA -480.00 / SPB -227.75

Southwell 18.55 Brinkmanship WON Lay bet 1.93 (losing bet)
SPA -744.00 / SPB -304.80

Profit today SPA -1,224.00 / SPB -532.55

P/L to date SPA -898.00/ SPB -223.61

So, after just one week, SPA has resulted in a serious loss. Just glad I have only been paper trading! That´s the reality sometimes of using a Fibonacci staking plan. Tomorrow´s stake on SPA will be THIRTEEN x the normal stake.

SPB seems a much safer option to me where even the present overall loss is more likely to be recovered in the next few bets.


20 August – Day 8

No selections today.


21 August – Day 9

Two selections today both of which lost thereby restoring the bank. I don´t know about you but I would never lay a horse at 13 x the normal stake simply to recover losses!

Stratford 15.40 Mey Clouds Placed 2nd Lay bet 1.76 (winning bet)
SPA +1,235.00 / SPB +384.57

Stratford 16.50 Jam Packed Placed 3rd Lay bet 1.96 (winning bet)
SPA +95.00 / SPB +95.00

Profit today SPA +1,330.00 / SPB +479.57

P/L to date SPA + 432.00 / SPB +255.96


22 August – Day 10

Just one selection that met the system rules:

Newbury 16.25 Sovereign Honour Placed 3rd Lay bet 1.76 (winning bet)
SPA +95 / SPB +95

Profit today SPA +95.00/ SPB +95.00

P/L to date SPA +527.00/ SPB +350.96


27 August – Day 11

There have been no selections for Little Acorns so far this week.

At least none that I could find!


28 August – Day 12

Just one selection today which failed to lose!

Ayr 15.10 Happy Anniversary WON Lay bet 2.0 (losing bet)
SPA -100 / SPB -100

Profit today SPA -100.00/ SPB -100.00

P/L to date SPA +427.00/ SPB +250.96


29 August – Day 13

Another poor day for Little Acorns and the bank is now beginning to suffer.

Wexford 18.05 Meadow Vale WON Lay bet 1.83 (losing bet)
SPA -166.00 / SPB -166.00

Wolv 20.50 Long Distance WON Lay bet 1.70 (losing bet)
SPA -210.00 / SPB -186.20

Profit today SPA -376.00 / SPB -352.20

P/L to date SPA +51.00 / SPB -101.24


01 September – Day 14

After three successive losing bets we are back to staking 5 x the normal stake for staking plan A. Fortunately, the donkey obliged by losing!

Lingfield 15.10 Nawamees Placed 2nd Lay bet 1.70 (winning bet)
SPA +475.00 / SPB +176.89

Hamilton 15.20 Gift Horse Placed 2nd Lay bet 2.0 (winning bet)
SPA +95.00 / SPB + 95.00

Profit today SPA +570.00 / SPB +271.89

P/L to date SPA +621.00 / SPB +170.65


02 September – Day 15

No qualifying selections


03 September – Day 16

Lingfield 15.20 Raise All In Placed 2nd Lay bet 2.0 (winning bet)
SPA +95 / SPB +95

Profit today SPA +95.00 / SPB +95.00
P/L to date SPA +716.00 / SPB +265.65


04 September – Day 17

No qualifying selections today


05 Sept – Day 18

One selection for today although a couple of others almost qualified (who went on to lose their races!).

Kempton 19.20 Adorn WON Lay bet 1.96 (losing bet)
SPA -96.00 / SPB -96.00

Profit today SPA -96.00 / SPB -96.00

P/L to date SPA +620.00 / SPB +169.65


08 Sept – Day 19

No selections found today


09 Sept – Day 20

No selections found today


10 Sept – Day 21

No selections found today


11 Sept – Day 22

At last! A qualifying selection. There were another two that might have qualified but unfortunately they just failed two of the system rules.

Doncaster 13.30 Midnight Cruiser Unplaced 4th Lay bet 1.75 (winning bet)
SPA +190.00 / SPB + 186.20

Profit today SPA +190.00 / SPB +186.20

P/L to date SPA +810.00 / SPB +355.85

(Stakes were increased today as last bet lost)


15 Sept – Day 23

No qualifying bets found last Friday (12 Sept) and none again today. Just to explain, the system requires you to lay odds on favourites but with two other rules concerning betfair prices on the second and third runners which is where the possible bets failed today.


16 Sept – Day 24

Again, no qualifying bets found due to the betfair prices for both favourites and the 2nd and 3rd runners being too high.


24 Sept – Day 25

I will start reporting selections for Little Acorns again. Apologies for missing days but I just did not have the time in the last week or so to monitor the markets.

Today there were four possible qualifiers but unfortunately they all failed one of the system rules (Racing Post rule) so another day of no bets. Interestingly, two of these possible runners went on to lose their race. The two winners which would have been losing bets included Mille Feuille at Kempton which was also today´s Fancy Filly!


25 Sept – Day 26

One selection today:

Great Leighs 19.50 Prescription Placed 3rd Lay bet 1.73 (winning bet)

Profit today SPA +95.00 / SPB +95.00

P/L to date SPA +905.00 / SPB +450.85


29 Sept – Day 27

Just one selection found today

Windsor 17.00 Blessing Unplaced 5th Lay bet 1.87 (winning bet)

Profit today SPA +95.00 / SPB +95.00

P/L to date SPA +1,000.00 / SPB +545.85


30 Sept – Day 28

I couldn´t find any qualifying selections today although Golden Feather in the 17.00 at Sedgefield qualified earlier in the day but drifted outside the system rules before the start. Just as well as it went on to win!


01 Oct – Day 29

Another day of near misses. This morning there were three possible qualifiers but during the day up to the race starts, the system rules about betfair prices on the second and third favourites failed meaning another no bet day!


13 Oct – Review of Little Acorns

I have decided to stop the test on Little Acorns as it has run for a month. This is a very simple system to use and has just four rules to follow. Three of these concern betfair prices and the fourth rule can easily be checked using the Racing Post racecards.

Basically, you are laying odds on favourites as long as the Racing Post rule is met and the prices of the second and third favourites fall within certain price bands just before the start of the race. Certainly, a bot could be used for the price rules but I am not sure a bot could check the Racing Post rule. So, you might have to identify potential selections either the night before or in the morning and then set the bot parameters before going to work etc.

The one frustrating aspect of the system is that there may not always be a bet every day because of movement in the betfair prices but if you prefer a system with low liability betting only a few selections per week, Little Acorns might suit you.

There is evidently strong support for this system judging by the comments below from several system users who confirm the system works and in their opinion, will build your bank gradually. For me, I didn´t find the strike rate particularly impressive during the test and the profit points gained were less than suggested by the system author.

From 28 bets, we won on 16 which is a 57% strike rate, very poor in my opinion for a laying system where I would expect a strike rate of 65-70%. Admittedly, we were laying odds on, at an average price of 1.80, so even if using level stakes a profit would have been achieved.

I do not like the Fibonacci recovery plan and it was only by using this for Staking Plan A that we managed to achieve a profit of 10 points. I do like Staking Plan B which is where you simply add any loss to your next stake but the points profit over the month using this plan was only 5.5.

In summary:

1. The system is very simple to operate and you do not need to study form etc.

2. Existing users of the system have commented favourably about its profitability on this review site – always a good sign that a system does work.

3. We made a profit of at least 5.5 points using one of the two recommended staking plans and could have made 10 points if we used the Fibonacci recovery plan.

So, all in all I would place Little Acorns in the RECOMMENDED Systems folder.



  1. Kokotoni84 says:

    Hi, Does this mean that Little Acorns has bombed the first 3 weeks of the test?

  2. It’s still being tested. No conclusions are made yet.

    However, it looks like the tester is using another staking plan than recommended.

    Hardik=> Could you use the recommended ;-)

  3. Hi Admin,

    Oh yea recommended is fibonacci upto 55 lossing sequence. sorry its my mistake i have stoped at lossing sequence of 5 and revert back to normal stake, but just need to change the last result anyway. will be updated.


  4. My results for july are showing an 11 point profit, what settings are you using as you shouldnt be losing? i Am using staking plan A and laying any horse that passes the rules within 10 minutes of the race starting. Jay

  5. Hi Jay,

    I am also using same staking plan and place the bet just 1 min before off if it passes all the rules. well from 25th to 27th i was away and couldm’t access an internet so i am consodering as a no bet on those days. i am to put the note over here.

  6. Hi Harry, the results i got for Friday 25th – Sunday 27th were: (I set the bot at 10 minutes before the start of the race as per the book instructions and find it much better)

    Wolver 4.10 Mister green – lost – Winning Lay!
    York 4.15 Capt Ellis – Lost – Winning lay!
    lingfield 5.50 amicable terms – won – losing lay
    lingfield 6.50 youve been mowed – lost – winning lay!
    Ascot 1.40 – Kaateb – lost – winning lay!
    pontefract 5.00 – suede – lost – winning lay!

    So i have a very good weekend with little acorns

  7. We are going to start the test again since we found a mistake in the bot running the system. The new results should be more in line withthe recommendations laid out in the manual :-)


  9. Which bot are you using for the test? Thnks.

  10. Hi James

    I don´t use bots as I am able to monitor the markets during racing. To be frank, I have never liked bots which in my experience tend to crash at just the wrong moment or miss a selection or even worse include a horse at the wrong price!

    Each to his own I guess!


  11. Hi Jon,

    I am wondering that why you didn’t manage to get Donaldson at 6.25 at Fontwell which was winner so lossing bet.


  12. Harry

    I was out yesterday evening so couldn´t monitor the racing. Just as well, really!


  13. Just to mention i have been using LAcorns for a long time with great success. You said you would be uncomforatble staking 13 x your stake. That Would indicate you are staking outside your comfort zone with stakes too large. The advice in the book is pretty sound. For example; I started with £2 lays, so 13 x my stake would only be £26, so i was comfortable with that. I then moved up to £5 lays from money already won, then moved up to £10 lays. So i think when people say they are uncomforatble with the staking they are starting with stakes too large to begin and expect too much to quick. I think its called little acorns for a very good reason! Start small i feel. Jay

  14. Hi Jay,

    If you start with small stake and chase with continious losses then any system can be Little acorn there is nothing special in it. To be honest when people see the past results showing that we have to chase with big losses say upto 13times your original stake do you think people follow the system, i am sure not.
    For your information if you buy any system available in the market they always recommend to start with low stake so in case of bad run you dont loss much.
    Can you prove that in past 2 or 1 year you didnt have lossing sequence more than 13x actual stake??


  15. Jay

    Fair point. But for the purpose of the test I decided to use stakes of 100 just to keep the maths simple. Anyway, it doesn´t really matter what stakes are used, the point is the system incurred a losing run of five consecutive losing bets which under staking Plan A meant risking thirteen times your normal stake to recover losses, something which could easily wipe out the bank.

    Little Acorns seems to be a pretty logical system although the system rules about the betfair price for the second and third runner seem a bit
    “loose” to me.

    I think if I were to bet for real, I would probably tighten up the price differential between the three runners. Personally, I prefer staking plan B which has a lower exposure and which has been slightly more profitable in the test so far.

    Like everything, it´s all about peronal choice, comfort levels etc.

    The irony I have noticed is that quite often the Little Acorn selection is the same as the Money Talks backing selection!


  16. Harry, i think you are missing the point with Little Acorns. If you have a losing sequence then you dont lose all your bank. Quite simply if you are laying below your unit stake ie. they say in the book the average liability is 1.76, so if you do have a losing sequence then you will still have around 40% of your bank left! Yes, every system could be called a little acorns, but as stated above i started with £2 lay units and built up. I have now taken out my original bank so i am now betting totally risk free. You could also be in a loss making situation after 6 losing lays, then 1 winning lay and your bank in profit without having to chase losses. If you are uncomfortable laying 13 x your stake then you are staking to high. 13 x £2 lay units is only £26 so i was comfortable with that. Even from £2 lay units i was making around £30-£40 per month which is not bad, then £5 lay units made me around £100 a month. £10 lay units made me around £200 ish, i am now on £25 lay units so it works for me.

  17. I notice your system tester for Little acorns is including Irish racing when Irish racing is not allowed eg. He has included Dundalk and Wexford?

  18. Hi Jay

    I am afraid you are mistaken as Irish races are allowed. If you own the manual (which I imagine you do) you will see on page 15 under section 6 the following (and I quote):

    “Log onto and scroll through all of the day´s UK & Irish racing”


  19. I emailed the publishers as there was a bit of confusion over Irish racing in the early edition. I believe they dont include irish racing, although i do as it seems to be more unreliable. I find Little Acorns by far the best laying formula i have clapped eyes on since starting laying in 2004. It does make great long term profits. Although it does say start small and grow the little acorns which is what i did. On another note; i see your system tester missed the following in which i have put an asterix next too. I wouldnt mention them its just they were obvious selections;
    22nd August 2008
    4.25 Newbury – Sovereigns Honour – Lost (WE WON)
    6.20 Hamilton – By The Edge – Lost (WE WON*)
    23rd August 2008
    2.10 Goodwood – Patkai – Lost (WE WON*)
    4.30 Beverley – Vienna Affair – Lost (WE WON*)
    24th August 2008
    2.20 Yarmouth – Magaling –Lost (WE WON*)
    25th,26th,27th – No selections

  20. Hi Mike

    Thanks for your comments. As the tester for Litle Acorns and Money Talks, in my defence I did say at the beginning of the Money Talks test that I would not monitor weekend races (23 and 24 August) so I didn´t miss the Little Acorn selections on those days as I was not working the system on those days!

    I did record the first selection on 22 August but may have missed the second unless the betfair prices for the first three runners did not meet the system rules. I really can´t remember now.

    I also mentioned there were no selections on 25, 26 and 27 August!

    It´s good to hear that you have had success with the system. My one concern with Little Acorns is the rule regarding the betfair price of the second and third runner. Personally, I think this could be tightened up a little from 6 and 10 to say 4 and 6?

    This August has been difficult with wet weather and I suspect many systems have been upset in the last few weeks. This may explain the poor success strike rate of 52% so far although this only covers 23 selections.

    So far as Irish racing goes, there is nothing in my copy of the manual to say these should not be included and as mentioned to Jay, the manual says to include both UK and Irish races when looking at Betfair pices.


  21. Mike

    I just checked the SP for By The Edge (6.20 Hamilton on 22 August) which was 11/10 or 2.1 decimal. I imagine the betfair price would have been at least the same and probably 5-10% higher (2.2-2.3) in which case this would have disqualified the selection.


  22. What do you think about this system so far ?

  23. I think its a great little system as i have been using it for sometime. Its the best system i have bought from Agora publishing so far. However, its really been slow going this summer but this could be put down to it been the worst summer on record with loads of cancelled meetings. The winter all-weather racing is where you can start to build profits more consistently. I actually use the fibonaaci sequence but only upto 8 instead of 9, laying in £10 units. So a losing sequence would lose me around £600 as most of the lays seem to be around 1.8. However, i started with a bank of £1,200 so i could take 2 losing sequences. However, i havent had one yet in over 11 months. It makes me around £170 – £220 a month which is pretty decent gearing from my starting bank. Mike

  24. I think it is too soon to pass judgement on Little Acorns. The test is in profit but I personally do not like the fibonacci loss recovery staking plan.

    Also, I think the system rules about the second and third runner in the race are too loose. The system is laying odds on favourites if the second and third runners fall within a certain price on betfair.

    I will carry on testing for another two weeks and write up a review then.


  25. Hi Jon,
    I think the strike rate of 52% you mentioned earlier is excellent not forgetting we are laying odds on shots!
    Yesterday 18th Sept i got to nice losers(winners for us)
    2.50 Ayr – Aahaykid layed at 1.99, the second horse in the betting att he time was 5.3 and the third was 9.6, so it qualified.
    7.20 Great Leighs- ‘Harry up’ i layed at 1.66, the second in the betting was 5.0 and the third was 10.0 so that qualified as well. How come you have missed them or am i doing somthing wrong?

  26. Are you finished with the testing ;-)

  27. I have made some good profits with little acorns this month and every month for that matter since July 2007. Also, i contacted the publishers as i heard they were recommending an increased starting bank that would take up to 2 and half losing sequences if they should occur. However, i am yet to have one in over 14 months, so think its as foolproof as you can get! I believe they should have emailed me with this update but somehow my email address dropped their subscriber list. Anyway i found it does make good monthly profits, but my advice would be to start on £2 or £5 lays and move up gradually, dont start too big, only invest money already won – thats what i done anyway.

  28. I wasn´t able to run the test on Little Acorns since last Tuesday 16 Sept for various reasons but I will continue testing for the next week or so.


    I didn´t miss the selections mentioned – I wasn´t running the test on that day.

  29. @ Mike:

    I got hands on this system aswell, but I want to “practise” it first. At the moment I am collecting data and see how it works out, i.e. at what times do I check and the most important: is there an other stacking plan which suits me more?

    Therefore: Could you please help me with some information concerning the selections and the lay prices (which you dont get from the publishers site and the Betfair SPs are often >2)?

    I do not think 1 month is significant to value a system.

    Thank you

  30. Frank

    I don´t think it would be fair to the publishers if we disclosed the system rules on this review site.

    You say you have got the system which fully explains the selection process and betfair prices etc. So, I´m not sure what else you need?

    I agree that a one month test is probably not enough for any system but most review sites will only test for about a month at most as the testers do it for free!


  31. @ Jon
    Sorry, English is not my 1st language. What I wanted from Mike (as he was doing this much longer than me and you) was Data just like you give.
    What date, which horse and what price. This would give much more evidence if the system is good and how good it is. Preferably from the last 6 months, but only if it is no hassle for him and if wished in private.

    Thank you

  32. Hi Jon,
    As well as prescription which lost meaning we won. I also got 2.10 Fontwell – maxwil which also lost, and 2.50 perth crescent island which lost. so i made a nice 3 point on the day. Both qualified before 9.00am did you misss them?

  33. Hi frank,
    I havent got detailed accounts, but in the time i have been using it i have never had a losing run longer than 7 in around 145 months which happended once, so the little acorns formula looks very solid to me thats why i have continued with it. Some months it can make money at level stakes but its slow going so i take a little more risk and use the staking plan outlined in the book.

  34. Apologies, the above post should read 15 months not 145 months!

  35. Jay

    I may have missed those two you mentioned. Whilst I do my best to identify every qualifying horse in a system, there are times when I am monitoring so many sports events that the odd selection gets missed.

    However, it is very clear from some of the comments posted here that Little Acorns is considered a good system by several readers who have been using the system for far longer than this test.

    I think Little Acorns is a good laying system although, personally I would shorten the prices on the second and third favourites to ensure the selection has real competition.

    But the principle seems to work fine and even with this short test, the system has generated 10 points in less than one month.


  36. Yes Jon, Little Acorns is pretty decent so long as you have patience during the slow months then its a long term money winner. Since the 25th Sept – 29th i have had 5 winning lays. Now thats excellent considering you are laying ‘odds on’ horses that are highly expected to win judging by their short price. Mike

  37. Hi Jon,

    Can you make a small verdict about this system :-)

  38. I found that betgear is planning to release a bot for little acorns with some tweaks:

  39. Have read a lot of good stuff about LA, here and elsewhere, but – please correct me if I’m wrong – isn’t 50-ish% strike-rate pretty ordinary? Not that I know a lot about the Winners to Losers system, but isn’t their strike-rate around 90%, for example? Perhaps I’m missing something.



  40. you are missing the point that you are laying odds on favourites so when you lose you lose less than your stake. Therefore a strike rate of 50% or over will give good profit when laying at small odds.

  41. Bob,
    A 50% strike is excellent for Little Acorns when you are laying horses at short odds. When you are laying horses at big odds, then you must get a strike rate of 90%+, simply because when you lose you have to pay out a lot more, so you need the high strike rate to compensate. With Little Acorns you only payout a small amount when you lose so the srike rate does not have to be as high, so 50% is pretty good going. jay

  42. Neil Morton says:

    Can anyone please tell me which bot they are using for the Little Acorns system?

  43. Hi Neil

    Although I don’t use bots, I believe Glen has written one for Little Acorns. Go to:


  44. Is there a forum for little acorns users where we could swap ideas,strategies and stuff ?

    By the way can we back test this system somehow ?

  45. Neil Morton says:

    Thanks Jon!

  46. Jay and Mike,
    have been reading your posts with great interest.
    Do you both use the instructions as written or have your own tweeks?
    The test result was 1 minute before the off but what time frame do you both use for best results?
    Also with Racing Post a freebie no more, can one get the information required somewhere else.
    Have not purchased the LA yet, just interested and more so if I could adapt it to Australian Racing after a test period.
    Thanks for your help.

  47. LB

    The Racing Post rule for Little Acorns can be found on and both of these are free sites. Probably also available at Sporting Life

    I tend to place the bet at 1 minute before the off.


  48. Hi folks,i like the look of ths one but can any one tell me is it one a day or more? as i cant cope with more than one a day.

  49. Joseph Jurin says:

    Hello Jon

    Just to let you know that I am sending this follow up from Queensland Australia.
    I have already purchased ‘Little Acorns” and the FFF Plan.My workouts are on Australian Racing.


  50. What do you do when you have sequence of 8 loss ??

    author say it arrive one time in 15 month and i try this system since 3 week and i have already 8 loose sequency ….

    im very unlucky or i don t understand all but it s simple to understand so i don’t how i do

    author don’t say if it’s 8 loose of good horse to lay.

    for example il lay 4 times and i loss 4 times, i forgot to lay good horse because im not here and i lay 4 times again and i loss so in finnally i have 8 times loss.

    in finally if you can’t lay some horse (someone one good)because you re not here, you can have more long loose sequence

  51. sorry i don t undersand what you mean im not english

  52. Brendan says:

    Has anyone recently been having postive results with this system still…also if anyone cares to reply that has any other good systems that work please let me know…I’m looking to find the best systems possible …

  53. My personal opinion is to not use systems with major loss retrieval. Fair enough, this system could possibly work long term, but it is very very difficult to keep on increasing stakes on odds-on horses and most people will lose the nerve when they are high up in the betting sequence.

  54. Any system that requires increased stakes after a losing bet must – repeat MUST – lead eventually to bankruptcy unless there is a limit on staking, in which case it will lead only to huge losses.

    Any system, however flawed, will show a theoretical profit if stakes are increased to compensate for losses but, in the real world, people do not have infinite reserves of cash.

  55. Hi Patrick,

    If you are interested in sharing your views on your system or any other system then please send me some details to my email address of I have access to lots of historical data which I can pass through your system.

  56. Paul smith says:

    I used this system for 6 months and kept very detail records and it did seem to work very well.
    until the last month when we hit 8 losing bets in a row something they say only happens every 18 months.The Hit took most of my profits away but I thought thats out of the way so I carried on using the system. 3 weeks later I hit 8 more losing bets in a row and it destroyed my bank. After that I stopped using it. I followed the rules to the letter and have been gambling professionally for 10 years so no what I am doing but I think this system is dangerous.

  57. Just a note to all Little Acorns buyers, i have been level staked laying with it for 12 months and made a profit of about 5/6 points per month. Not a lot, but its virtually risk free as i am level stake laying and compounding up. The win strike rate(Losing bets) is about 45% so when you are laying at average odds of 1.80 you can see the profit potential. I cant beloieve no one has picked up on this. This is the best system ever for profit building believe me i have tried them all!!!!!!!!

  58. Ive read quite a lot of reviews regards LITTLE ACCORNS.Lets get a couple of points clear,the system isnt anything more than a staking plan that has made the vendor very rich.It isnt profitable on level stakes, and im sorry to say this but what the hell are we even chatting about when we talk of increasing stakes to the levels of 13plus times the origional.And actually a well known site reviewed it having to go up to 50plus the origional stake.Yes i said 50. . . .Are people just so stupid that they will stake any amount b4 they say a system is flawed.Tell you what ive got a bet for you all to back. . .LIVERPOOL TO WIN THE LEAGUE NEXT YEAR,2012.The odds arnt anything like 50/1 but i bet most of you wouldnt put youre money there.So what on earth are we chatting about.The vendor is laughing all the way to the bank curtesy of you guys.For gods sake wake up.Im not a mug but if you want to stake twice or three times a given stake to acheive profits then i totaly agree,but pls have a bit of common sense and ban such crap from the internet.

  59. Hi Jay,

    Are you the same Jay who posted in 2008 that this was a long term profitable system?


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