The Football Laying Code Review

The publisher of The Footballlayingcode has asked me to review his soccer system. First I thought it was another “lay the draw” football system but I was pleasantly surprised to see that it had nothing to do with this, and actually was a brand new system.

What is included in the Football Laying Code

Football Laying Code is a downloadable ebook which means that you can get started right away without waiting for the report to be shipped to you. It only includes few pages but it does also not need to be any longer since the selection process is very simple.

The selection process is 3 simple steps which all can be found on Betfair. There is no need to analyze form, history and so on.

The Football Laying Code is concentrating on a market that you can only play at Betfair.

We have a new tester who will run the test of The Football Laying Code so I look forward to following the results :-) A review of Football Laying Code will be made after the test.

Underneath is the test results of The Football Laying Code

hi my name is Ib and i will do a test for admin on this football system. It is easy and fast. I will start with a bank off 1000 and use 1% off the betting bank. I will recalculate the bets in the evning.

The author suggest that you, use either level stake or proggresive stake or what ever you like.

D.1/10 Betting bank 1000kr+10=1010

only 1 bet fluminense-goias lay 10 at odds 6.6 won

D.2/10 3 bets guimaraes-portsmouth lay 10,10 at odds 6.6 won

metallist-besiktas lay 10,10 odds 7 won

motherwell-nancy lay 10,10 at odds 6,8 won

betting bank 1010+10,10+10,10+10,10=1040,30

D.3/10 bari-mantovalay 10,40 at odds 7 betting bank 1040,30+10,40=1050,70

D.4/10 1bet ergotelis-paok lay 10,50 at odds 7 won ,betting bank 1050,70+10,50=1061,20kr

so far it have been nice but i don’t like the high odds you are laying at, but you could always use bettrader or some thing like that, to lay under min. there were 6 bet today

D.5/10 castellon-gordoba lay 10,61 at odds 7 won

atalanta-samdoria lay 10,61 att odds 7 lost

chievo-fiorentina lay 10,61 att odds 7 won

reggina-caania lay 10,61 odds 7 won

rec de huelau-malaga lay 10,61 0dds 7 lost

getafe-almeria lay 10,61 odds 7 won

betting bank 1061,20+10,61=1071,81






I dont stay in front off the pc, i place the bet and that is it. You get more selection if you wait till just before kick off.

D.6/10 3 bets today empoli-livorno lay 9,76kr odds 7 lost

Derry-linfield lay 9,76kr odds 7 won

guimaras-braga lay 9,76kr odds 7 won

betting bank 976,32-58,56=917,76



d.7/10 no bets today

D.8/10 1 bet salamanca-castellon lay 9.37 odds 6,8 won


D.9/10 no bets today

D.10/10 1 bet today drogheda-bohemians lay 9,46 odds 6,6 won


D.11/10 we have 6 bets tooday

skotland-norge lay 9,56kr odds 6,6 won


ukraine-kroatien lay 9,56 odds 6,6 won


bulgarien-italien lay 9,56 odds 6,6 won


polen-tjekkiet lay 9,56 odds 6,6 won


rumæien-frankrig lay 9,56 odds 7 lost


D.12/10 2 bets

treviso-parma lay 9,27 odds 7 lost


salermitana-empoli lay 9,27kr odds 7 won


D.13/10 1 bet lay 8,71kr odds 7



D14/10 no bets tooday

D15/10 1 bets tooday

serbien-denmark lay 8,80 ,odds 6,6 won


D.16/10 no bets

D.17/10 2 bets too day

fin harps-sligo won

lay 8,89 odds 6,6


ancona-modena won

lay 8,89 odds 7


D.18/10 3/2bets

parma-empoli won

lay 9,07kr odds 7


colon-independiente (ugyldig) betfair removed this bet

espanyol-villareal won

lay 9,07kr odds 7


D.19/10 3 bets too day

catania-palermo won

lay 9,25kr odds 7


chievo-atalanta won

lay 9,25 odds 7


malaga-getafe lost

lay 9,25 odds 7


D20/10 1 bet too day

tours-lens lost

lay 8,88kr odds 7


D.21/10 1 bet lost

steaua bucharest-lyon

lay 8,26 odds 6,8


D22/10 no bets too day

hi sorry that i have not made some bets for a time ,i have been working a lot

D29/10 1 bet won

catania-udinese lay 7,69 odds 7


D3/11 3bets

martino-naconal lost

lay 7,77 odds 7


livorno-bresia won

lay 7,77 odds 6,4


strasbourg-lens won

lay 7,77 odds 6,80


D4/11 2 bets

roma-chelsea won

lay 7,85 odds 6,80


cfr cluj-bordeaux lost

lay 7,85 odds 6,60



I have now watched the performance of this system and I must say that I don’t believe it will make you money long term. It’s a refreshing new strategy but it comes with almost none historic data which shows that the strategy should win you money long term. I also don’t think the test has shown any promisses of good results. I have to put it in “not recommended” systems since I don’t believe it will make you money long term.


  1. Hi ib,

    Thanks for testing, is that possible to work out total profit and loss so far? it will be easy for people to see the final sum.


  2. Hi ib,

    I have been trying to check selections as often as possible but busy working at the moment. I have noticed though, that since 1 oct you have missed the following selections that i found.

    1 oct:Anorthosis V Panathinaikos Bet WON
    4 oct:Brescia V Frosinone Bet WON
    4 oct: Naval V Belenenses Bet WON
    5 oct: Osasuna V Santander Bet WON
    5 oct: Panthrakikos V Panionios Bet WON
    5 oct: Sporting V Porto Bet WON
    5 oct: Nancy V PSG Bet WON

    Did you not find these at all?

  3. hi carl
    yes i dont have them,i am only looking once and if the odds is to high i place a bet where i set it max odds too – but as i recall it ,there is not any rule for when and and how offen you should check for bets, but if i am wrong plz bee so kind too tell me and i will try too doo it in an aother way ib

  4. hi hardik i will try too doo that

  5. No thats fine Ib, when i get the time i am only checking the main selections and making sure the odds are within range.
    My money is all in Betdaq at the moment for 2% commission so i cant place the bets, im trying to follow when i can but working quite a lot now.


  6. hi carl i am using betfair,maybee that is the reason for not having the same bets like you mvh ib

  7. Hi Ib,

    The reason i am getting extra results is because i cant place the bets, like i said all my betting is done at Betdaq for now and you cant use this method at Betdaq as the market isnt there.
    When i have time i am checking Betfair for selections that qualify but then i am just checking the results, not actually placing the bets.

    When i did place the bets if the odds to lay were higher than the max then i would just put my bet up and more often than not it would get matched.

    Perhaps its the amount you are betting, meaning its not all getting matched on some games, i dont know.

    There was another winning lay last night but i didnt have time to check odds before the off.


  8. hi carl thx for the info

  9. I have tried this fantastic system OK but
    Ihave never been thats or thats or thats
    I think a System is clear —–readabove—
    I tried with money ——loose and the fantastic constructur said allways something wro9ng with my startbetfairprice –the other systems work but not the nice guy, and he haw me fuck it .without repay
    Sorry but I lose some money without 2 sec 4 sec 6 sec or what you want betfair sp is looooossse

    Tried this sytstem——- shiiiit
    sorry but when you work with 12/1 sorry
    2 by by
    Tried this system and have ever been toold so much change /do not / do that/ soorryyy miss that
    rted with 100 gbp
    left with 30 then he abbonded me becausu something about dont cant take a lose 30/100
    some loosse
    this is shit

  10. hi thomas
    none off us like too lose money,what staking plan are you using,the 2 the author is talking about are is in my opionen not god,you have too find a better 1,you wright the other system i only know 1 system here

    mvh ib

  11. Thomas,

    “loose and the fantastic constructur said allways something wro9ng with my startbetfairprice –the other systems work but not the nice guy, and he haw me fuck it .without repay”

    i read this statement in your post and thought i would tell you that the system has only been out for about 5 weeks so even if you purchased it on day one you can still get a refund now if your not happy.

    And i am not sure what you mean by the “fantastic constuctor always something wrong with betfair startprice” I am the author and have had not sent out any emails to any customer saying there is something wrong with your betfair startprice.

    And then you go on to say i abandoned you. Can you explain? you have never emailed me i believe.

    Are you sure you have the right system/author you are talking about?

  12. Hi,

    just wondered what time you are doing your selections as you seem to be missing alot of winning lays. In the first few days you missed some but now are doing a test as are and yesterday they had 4 and 3 selections respectively but you only had the 1.
    I don’t want to nit pick but you seem to be missing quite a few of the winning lays that others all seem to be finding.



  13. hi

    carl i am making the bet when i come home from work,1 week i come home at 1300kl, next week 1430 next 1700 next 2030 some times i work at sundays and saturdays ,i dont complain about that bescause it is my own choise,but i cant sit in front off the pc all day ,i got wife and kids too,i thought when i agree too test the system ,that i could doo ,when i have the time too doo it ,but if you think that is not fair too your system i think you should talk too admin
    regards ib

  14. Chuck Swope says:

    I am in U.S. so can’t make lay bets BUT why can’t I just back the oppisite team to win?If i can make they system work that way I’d probably buy it.

  15. Chuck Swope says:

    It’s said it only works at Betfair. Why wouldn’t it worke at the Tradesports betting exchange or any other exchange?

  16. Hi, Carl

    Since you are the author,
    If you think ib missed lots of game,
    Do you have P/L records for Oct result?

    I also bought your Football laying code, and ever
    encounyered 3 loss in a row.

  17. Hi Robin,

    There was quite a few bets that were missed during this testing but then like the tester says it depends when you check. I dont have time to check for selections everyday so i have got october results that were part sent to me by a customer with the last few days results taken from I have never had 3 losses in a row thats for sure and im not surprised you havent either.

    I can email you the results in you either mail me or leave your address.