All change at the top…

Weekly Update

Hi everyone, it’s time for your weekly roundup of our Betting System Reviews. It was a difficult time for the majority of the systems currently under review. In fact, profits were only recorded by two services this week and the losses far outweighed the gains made. The successful services were Smart Racing Trader (both […]

Steadily on the rise…

Weekly Update

Hello again and welcome once more to your weekly update of the system reviews. I’d like to start by giving advance warning that after next Tuesday’s update, the next weekly roundup will be on Tuesday April 17th, as I’m away for Easter to recharge the batteries! So, on with this week’s roundup: it was […]

Swings and roundabouts…

Weekly Update

Hi there and welcome to our weekly update of the system reviews. It proved to be a difficult week for most of our services under review with only three of them making any form of discernible profit, although thwere was little to shout about from any of them! Both variants of the Smart Racing […]

The old beat the new..

Weekly Update

Hi everyone, it’s time for your regular Tuesday round-up of all our system reviews here at We introduced two more new reviews to the site this week, but in terms of profitability, the old Certainly beat the new this week! Our two new recruits made a spluttering start to life on trial here at […]

Kiss Laying System Review

Kiss Laying

Welcome to our review of Kiss Laying The Kiss Laying System is a simple lay betting system. It has been formulated for use on UK jumps horse racing and can be used from the night before racing to select horses to lay with a maximum Betfair lay price of 6.00. It comes as a password […]

ASAP Lays System Review


Welcome to our review of ASAP Lays ASAP Lays ASAP Lays is a laying service run by Ady Sutcliffe. He claims to be the son of a bookmaker who operated the business for 35 years and also his mother was a breeder/owner of race horses, whilst he himself has worked in the racing industry with […]